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5 Ways to deal with criticism

Criticism: Hurting or Helpful?

At some point or the other in your life you must have been criticized by some one for some of your tasks or some of your qualities. No one likes to be criticized at first, but it is more important how you take it. Here are someways to handle criticism.

1) Don't let it get upon you: DO NOT take criticism personally. Do not treat it as a personal attack on yourself. You need to identify whether the criticism was really meant to pull your leg and show you down or it was really intended to help you. Either cases you shouldn't be taking it personally. In the former case, you know pretty well, that the other person just wanted to hurt you so don't take that seriously and in the latter case the person is your well wisher and want you to do better.

2) Don't react immediately: Most people do a common mistake of reacting instantly. Calm down, give some time to yourself. Don't react or say anything at that very point in time, for which you might have to regret later on. Don't get too defensive and start blaming other things.

3) Listen and assess: Listen to the criticism carefully and try to figure out whether or not it was meant for your betterment. It might be that it was a true feedback and the other person really wanted to help you. Remember not all criticisms are meant for hurting you.

4) Personal growth: Learn from criticism, it will always help you improve. You might realize your shortcoming and then work upon them. And if you feel criticism was only meant to hurt you then you can forgive the other person, it will make you feel good and help you reduce stress and frustration. Criticism might open some new perspectives for you.

5) Don't carry it: Don't carry the aftereffects of criticism with you. Don't keep yourself in stress, it is always easy to feel sensitive but hard to be emotionally stable. This is an opportunity to practice peace over stress and frustration. You are more mature and will feel more confident.

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