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Triggered by someone: How to control your anger?

Anger - one of the human emotions that can cause havoc if not controlled. Control your emotions before they control you. Everyone at some or the other point in life would have been angry with things, themselves, others or may be with some situation. 

How to deal with this devil?

When you are angry your heart beats go up, your blood pressure rises and often is the case when anger is of some use to you. There are three broad ways to calm down-

1) Expressing
2) Suppressing 
3) Calming

The easiest and what most people do is expressing their anger to calm down and in the process they may hurt themselves, hurt some one else verbally or physically or damaging something. 

Expressing can be one of the healthiest way to calm down anger if practiced in a assertive way rather than in a aggressive way. Remember do not react instantly, you may hurt some with your words and might regret later on. Give some time and then talk calmly and try explaining your point without hurting  the other person. Avoid playing the blame game while expressing your thoughts.

Anger can be suppressed and then channelized in some constructive way. Don't react at all. Keep yourself calm within and outside.But most importantly don't keep it within. Utilize this energy in some constructive way. Play something and give your more than 100%. It might be that you wanted to do something from long time but was not able to achieve it, this is the time, be the master of your anger and let the devil do the work for you.

Calming yourself, by changing the focus or by trying to relax and think positive, by breathing deeply, by meditation or by self control. Giving time to yourself by engaging in different activities helps in controlling anger. Try these - Breath deeply and slowly, try doing some slow physical activities or think about some old situation which makes you smile or take a number, word or phrase and repeat it slowly.

What else ways have you practiced to calm down your anger?

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