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Got dumped: How to get over it?

The break up pain is one of the worst kind of pains. The world is no more beautiful now and everything seems to be dark and against you. You start disliking every possible thing now. You are having a feeling of sinking deeper and deeper and don't know how to get out of it.

You start searching online and there you will find hell lot of ways you should be doing to get out of it - seeing a movie, going out with friends, going to gym, listening music and what not, but personally I think these don't work at all. You are in a continuous fight with yourself. The only person who can bring you out of this is, you yourself, trust me it's only YOU.

Accept the pain, don't get mess up with that. Mind tends to think about the past and those lovely experiences and aggravate the pain. Stop it! It was past, you had a wonderful time and there is no doubt about it, future lies ahead of you and don't let your past ruin it. Believe me when you will come out of this, you will be a much stronger and mature person. Think positive, don't let your sad feeling overpower you. Don't listen to those sad songs and movies, they are of no help.

You don't like doing anything and keep yourself isolated. This is bad, this worsens the situation. Go out and spend some time. Trying playing some outdoor sport even if you don't like it, this will help you release some stress.

But the most important part is think positive, no matter how much you think and try you can't change your past and from here lies your future. So try making things easy, you are unique and valuable. There are many more important people in your life who will be happy to see you happy.

It is undoubtedly bad that this happened to you, but trust me time heals every small or big wound, you just need to give time and I know you will make the best from this situation as well. Channelize your energy and cut down the negative feelings. Promise not to hurt yourself.

Do you feel a bit better after reading this?

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