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Quit smoking before it kills you

First of let me tell you, I am not just writing this post by imagination or by using those fancy words to help you quit smoking. I was myself a smoker some time back until I realized what I was doing with myself.

Mark Twain said, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.”

So you might also have tried before as well to quit but you started again. Anyhow, whatever it is, whether you are a chain smoker or a teen smoker or an old age smoker, one thing is common to all - it's killing you inside.

Let me ask you a question - Are you waiting for the day when doctor ask you to quit smoking else you will die? The problem with smokers is, that they don't foresee the after effects of smoking. They relax themselves by thinking - I won't be the one who will be harmed by smoking, I am too young and my body can resist it, smoking couple of cigarettes a day won't effect much, I am not addicted, I will quit soon.

STOP fooling yourself and playing with your precious body. Just imagine you can't even live a day comfortably with a small prick on your finger and you are ready accepting your life to live with cancer?

I smoked for an year, it started from twice a day to 10 in just couple of months. I was an athlete in my college and still have many awards shining on my dashboard. But soon did I realized that even after climbing few stairs, I was panting, and all this was due to smoking. At first hand only, we are not getting fresh air to breathe and then we smoking to make the matter worse.

Keep aside all the tricks to quit smoking, you need to be harsh on yourself first and think about the time when you have no other choice 'but not to' smoke even a single cigarette . You might have observed that I haven't used the word 'quit' in the last sentence, because that won't be like quitting, you want to smoke but can't smoke. Trust me it's too painful to do something forcefully then at your own will.

Don't wait for that time, start today, it's not that, I will reduce a cigarette each day and then I will quit in some time. That'some time' won't come ever. Remember -  Quitting won't kill you, but not quitting will surely kill you.

At first you might feel dizziness, depression, irritation, anxiety, headache, tiredness, constipation,boredom but think at that time, that your body is recovering, you are becoming stronger, the inner devil is doing all these things to make you again smoke a cigarette - a single cigarette - that won't harm - that's the inner voice of devil. But remember you have to fight this devil, don't feed it else it will again become strong and overpower you. Sustain for some more time and it will die - you will win.

You have a great future lying ahead you, a beautiful and healthy future. You body is regaining and your body is getting much clean and fresh air. You won't be living the life of a cancer patient ahead, your carbon dioxide level in the blood will back to be normal in just 24 hours!! In Just a week's time, your lungs functioning will increase, and in just one year your risk of heart disease is reduced to half when compared to a smoker.

Remember you are strong enough to fight the devil, keep yourself motivated, think of a healthy better life, save some bucks and above don't let the devil kill you.

Quit smoking now!

Still if you have any problem, quitting smoking or need a personal advice - write a mail -

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