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Life hacks that can make your life better

These are not thumb rules that can make your life better overnight but I am pretty sure it will enhance the quality of life and make you a much happy person.

1) Do not think what other thinks about you - Most people are ashamed of doing things or refrain themselves from experimenting, thinking what others will think about them. 


People around are just curious about what's happening with other people lives, because they do not have any thing important to do with their lives. It's like a bubble, they might talk about it enjoy your failure and then forget about and jump over to someone else's life. Don't give them a damn! Do whatever you want to do. Don't think what others think about you.

2) Break some rules - Life is not meant to be confined. Logical thinking is good but not always. Listen to your heart and if it asks you to break some rules. DO IT. Just make sure your breaking of rules doesn't harm someone. Stretch yourself  to others. Help them. It will make you happy. Go party with your friends if that makes you happy. Bunk the classes once in a while. Travel the road less traveled and make a new path.

3) Money - Money matters and that's true but not more than your life. Do not spend your life swirling around money.  Save some money for contingency plans but spend on yourself and others as well. You may earn trillions of money in your lifetime but at later sta
ge of your life, you won't be able to a buy a single sec of your life with all that money. Time is also money. Spend time with your family, treasure relationships.

4) Life is fast - Life is changing every moment and with every second that passes by you have less life to live. Make the rest of your life a cherishable one. Gain experiences. Do something new each passing day. Try to have a "purpose" of life. You may gain momentary happiness with goods. Buy a new bike- happy for a month. Buy a new car - Happy for 6 months. Buy a house - Happy for an year. What's next? Buy experiences - those last forever.

5) Be a great listener - You have lot of things in your head and you jump in middle of conversations concluding something. There is lot of information that a brain process inside but that information is limited to what your mind have experience or knows from past. Listen to other peoples mind. Their mind like your mind too have a lot of information and a different one. Listening patiently to other people enhance your knowledge. It adds up to your mind.


6) Do not give importance to trivial things - There has been a hell lot of things happened in the past - from big bang theory to world wars to earthquakes to blockbuster hit movies. You may have witnesses some, you may have heard to some. Even if your were not there things would have happened, so do not give importance to trivial things that happen around you.  Politics, government, laws do not place much importance in your life. Keeping yourself updated is good but sinking yourself in if not so good.

7) Thinking of past and future - Well past is gone. DO NOT STICK TO IT. Thinking once in a while and cherishing some past moments is fine but do not stick to them keep comparing your present life to it. Thinking about future won't make your life great. Future is yet to come and trust me there are so many factors you can't control. So many things changes everyday that future is highly unpredictable.

Live in today.Be grateful for what you have.Don't regret your past. Make your present life beautiful, it will transcend to your future and will make your past cherishable.

You are amazing and so is your life. Be happy always:)

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