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Things you must definitely do once in your life

We live life once and do experience a lot of things. Life is sum of all those experiences. Make your life experiences worth sharing. Here is list of few that you must experience before you die.

1) Experience of being on stage - Yeah, right. It's a different experience all together. For the first time the stage fright will kick the life out of you.Standing infront of a large audience and all eyes on you is definitely not easy. Try it, it will make you much more confident.

2) Adventure sports -  Try extreme sports, it will add a spark to your life. It will wake you up and energize you. You will definitely value life more than ever after experiencing that. Surfing, Skydiving, Ice climbing, Cave diving to name a few.

3) Spend time with your inner self - Life is fast and hectic. There are lot of things to do and in this rush we sometimes forget where are we heading to. Spend time with yourself, try to analyze yourself and know more about yourself. Who you are and what is your goal? Give a thought.

4) Live away from home - Home is where you are most comfortable. Try to live for an year or so away from home. Live in college hostel or another city. You will cherish the experiences for a lifetime that you will gain living away.

5) Have a pet - Share some moments of you life with a pet. Dog, cat or any animal that you can keep as pet. You will know what unconditional love is and you will learn to take care of others..

6) Live with nature - Go out to some dense forest and spend a night. Take your friends and do camping and spend few days without internet and other facilities. You will realize how beautiful life could be, even without all the facilities. You will closer to nature as well as yourself.

7) Talk to old people - Talk to your grandmother or grandfather. You will learn a lot. Know how they used to live many years back. How was life then? What were the problems they faced? Pretty sure after the talks, you will feel thankful to your life.

8) Make your parents feel special - Your parents have done a lot for you. You are what you are, because of them. They were always there in your good an bad times and will always remain available for you. Take them out. Have a lavish dinner with them. Give flowers to them and some gifts if your pockets allow. Tell them how much important they are to you. You will feel more contended.

9) Love someone - Fall in love with someone. Get hurt. Cry and dance like a mad person. It's a different feeling.

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