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The biggest misconception of life

We do live with many misconceptions in our life. And sometimes it leads us to miserable situations as well. We get hurt and feel sab about it. But does it really happen or was it because of our misconception?

People fall in love, have beautiful relationships..they forget about day and night and feels like they are living in heaven but then for some insane reasons they end up breaking with each other. 


You start sinking and have gloomy days. You cry and feel broken. You feel like -

"I can't live with out him/her"

This is the biggest misconception one can have. Once you are out of the relationship, your heart still remains in that relation. It feels like something is missing.... something major is missing from your life. Things and places which used to make you happy before and no more worthy. Everything seems to be useless. 


There was life before him/her. There were your parents, your friends, your relatives and they are still there with you. Life haven't stopped. 

A bitter truth - "Life won't stop for anything.. It goes on"

You are what you are. You are the only person in the world world who can make you feel sad. If you don't want to feel sad and broken, trust me, no one in the world.. I one in the world can make you feel sad. You may think that you were happy because of him/her but that's your biggest misconception. 

YOU are the one who can make yourself HAPPY and you are living without him/her and you definitely can live without him/her. Your life is not solely dependent other people. Stand for yourself.

Don't let your happiness depend on other people. They can be a reason for your happiness BUT they shouldn't be the sole reason for your happiness.

SO, STOP this dependence on other people and cheer up.

Keep smiling, someone else will fall in love with your smile.

Keep spreading smiles :)

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