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How to make your life simpler

Life is complex and there is no doubt about it. But if we adapt few things in life, we can make it much simpler.

1) Cut on non value adding activities - If you are not earning from from your social accounts and just spending time on that, reading irrelevant posts of what other people are eating or what movie they are seeing, then you are just wasting your time. If you cannot delete those social networking accounts then atleast do not spend more than 15 mins a day, hanging on those websites and reading useless information.

2) Don't be critical at everything - We humans have a general tendency to over analyze the situations and things. Stop doing that. If it needs your attention, it's fine, give appropriate amount of time to that, if not, then do not spend hours thinking about a situation.

3) Unhappiness - Do not get attach to a limit that it start causing you trouble. Attachments are good but do not indulge to an extent that it leads to unhappiness.

4) Eating habits - We are what we eat. Do not over eat or starve yourself. Health is wealth. Keep your shoes rolling, go out for a walk, play some outdoor games. Keep a check on what and how much you eat.

5) Don't be rigid - It tough to adapt a change but try to keep it as swift as possible. Rigidity on leads to irritation and anger. As my mom says - "You can break rigid things but not flexible ones". Apply that to your life as well, and you won't find yourself broken.

6) Negativity - Try to keep yourself away from negative people. Negativity leads to sadness. Do not talk about other people's negative habits. Try to seek good from others. Everyone else have atleast one good habit.

7) Do not clutter unnecessary information - Knowing things is good but knowing everything is bad. Do not try to indulge your self in everything or poke your nose in everyone else'e matters.

8) Shut up when angry - Do not speak when angry if you can't control your words. Saying something in anger will only worsen the situation. Try to move away and calm yourself.

9) Have a goal - Dream of something you want to achieve and have a goal in life. Try to make your activities directed towards your goal. This way you won't waste your time on unwanted activities.

10) Advice - Do not take advise from each and every person around you. It may end up confusing you more.

11) Do not underestimate or over estimate yourself.

12) Prioritize - Try to make the list of all your important activities and prioritize them. Important and urgent should come first, then urgent, then important and then the rest of all activities.

13) Do not spend on what you don't need - There is a difference between need and want. You may want something but ask yourself a question before buying - " Do you really need that thing?". If you spend on what you do not need, you may soon end up in selling things you need.

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