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The most inspirational short message ever

Well, it was back in the winters last year when I it was quite a low time for me. I was taking to one of my teacher and told him about my situation that how low and unmotivated I am feeling for life. I am trying hard and now I think I will quit. That is where my teacher paused for few minutes and quoted this below message to me. I found that to be the most inspirational short message and it boosted my morale.

Q: What is water at 99 degrees? 
A: It is just water. Probably quite hot but just plain water. 

Q: What happens at 100 degrees? 
A: It becomes steam. 

Q: What can steam do? 
A: Steam can move locomotives. 

So keep trying, NEVER QUIT. You never know when you are at 99 and how much more effort is needed to become that powerful steam. You can can move engines! Keep Trying. 

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