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How to stay motivated to lose weight

Well, you are probably reading this because you have already tried numerous ways to loose weight but couldn't stick to one of the ways and quit them in between. Well, do not be disheartened by that, IT'S NORMAL.

Keeping yourself motivated isn't an easy task. Well, here is some one examples which will definitely help you achieve your goal.

The great wall of china which you can see from space, started with a single brick.

The huge pyramids of Egypt which looks like mountains started with a single stone.

Michael Jordan the star of basketball, considered as one of the greatest players of all time started by throwing one basketball through a basketball net. 

Tiger Woods, the greatest player of golf started with a single shot and probably must have missed it.

A 1000 page novel, well you start by reading the 1st word and then complete it all!

Sachin Tendulkar the greatest player of cricket would have started by hitting just one ball before making those thousand  of runs to his records.

Well, Consistency is the KEY. 

Can you imagine what a single drop of water can do? Well may be nothing...?
You are wrong, a single drop of water can break a rock! You must have seen a drop of water dripping at a same point on a rock and you see a hole there!

Consistency is what changes the game. 

Do not expect wonders to happen overnight. You won't be slim tomorrow BUT you can and you will achieve your goals if you keep working for them against all odds.

Work a bit daily, remember you have to do it not to prove anyone but YOU. If you think you can't - take it as a challenge and prove yourself wrong. 

Those great sculptures that you see are a result of years of hard work. Stroke by stroke over the years some one created that master piece. can you imagine how much hard work and patience would have gone into it, but the result is worthy of all the pain and persistence.

You must have heard the story the race of Tortoise and Rabbit. Well it's a short story but trust me, it is one the great stories to keep yourself motivated. The morale of the story was - Slow and STEADY wins the race.I would actually see it the other way - Even of you are slow but if you are steady you will eventually win the race.That's the key - being Consistent.

No one in the world became billionaire overnight. They all would have started by earning a single $ at first and then went millions.

Do not expect to reach to goal within no time. Remember even sun takes time to rise.

Take your first small step.

Take your second step and you are already one step ahaed.

Keep Going! Keep Rocking!

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