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Succeed in life - The Columbus way

On 12 day October of year 1492, investigative navigator Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean campaign. Columbus named the island San Salvador that he has discovered during the visit, which today is known as 'Bahamas' . He had assumed that the Bahamas is the Japan and China to be Cuba during the trip which he had taken.

Columbus discovered 'La Navidad' , which is today called Haiti, it was the world's first European colony. Columbus, left about 39 people there had to settle.

He was a famous man of his time. To put him as a another name for the courage and confidence will not be wrong.  When he started to explore the new world with his peers, he met a great hurricane at the sea.

Three days and two nights of continuous ravages of the sea water shattered the Columbus ship.  In those days there were no ship engines. Cruises were done by controlling the air waves.

The ship was shattered and the partners of Columbus were in trouble and fear. But Columbus did not give up. He proceeded little by little without giving up. Even the compass for direction was not working, but that did not bring a wrinkle on the face of Columbus. He said to all his colleagues that no matter what victory will be ours. We will face all the difficulties and conquer it. He finally succeeded and found his destination.

In Brief:

If you work towards your goal with full dedication and courage, you will definitely win in the end. Be brave like Columbus in the most difficult situations and do not give up.

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