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Pain of struggle: Never give up

Life is a struggle – Never give up.

Success comes to those who face the problems of life and do not run from them. According to Lord Krishna in Gita - “Life is a struggle and everyone in life has to face it”. Running away from the problems is like inviting new problems to life. The truth of life is that there will be problems in everyone’s life but you have to face them and conquer them.

It is rightly said – “A smooth sea never made a skilful mariner”

You won’t find a single successful person in life who has never tasted the faith of failure. No one gets rich or successful overnight.

Let me explain you with a story of a butterfly:

One day a boy saw a cocoon of a butterfly. He saw that the caterpillar was struggling to get out of that cocoon, so boy thought to lend a helping hand to that butterfly. He helped in breaking the cocoon and let the butterfly come out of that. And what he saw after that was totally sad – the butterfly died in few minutes.

He came back home still struggling to find an answer – why did the butterfly die? He narrated the whole incident to his mother and asked the same question to her. Her mom after listening to the innocent child answered – Struggle is the law of life. The struggle that butterfly has to face while coming out of cocoon make the wings and body strong. You helped the butterfly to come out and didn’t give him the chance to struggle due to which he could not survive.

Never give up. Never ever return from the middle of the road. You will always have to travel the same journey once you start again, You never know when can you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most of the people give up, they they are just about to succeed.Don't stop digging, you may just get the water another meter away.

Those who try and never give up, succeed.
Do not be afraid of facing the big waves, those who try will always succeed.
When a small ant moves the grain, it fails many times before reaching to the top of the wall. It is the self confidence in the ant that makes her move the grain 10 times the size of her body! And in the end nothing is wasted, the never give up attitude pays off.
The sea diver goes many time to sea and come back empty handed before he finds a real pearl. He may fail many time but not every time.

Failure is a challenge, accept it. Try to look and introspect where you lack and then try harder next time. Till you don't succeed, do not sleep peacefully, do not leave the battle of struggle mid way. No pain, no gain.And remember only the people who tried, succeed.

Keep going , keep rolling!

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