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How self belief can change your life

Do you know we have only 9 years and 6 months to live in a life time! Puzzled? That's true..

According to the reports of world bank an average man live for 78 years out of which we sleep for 29 years, 3-4 years of time in education, 10 - 12 years in doing a job, 9 - 10 years in entertainment,15 - 20 years in daily activities like bathing, eating food,  travelling etc, so we are left with only 3500 days or in other words 84,000 hours to fulfill our dreams.

Time is precious and invaluable.

Presently, most of the people are living a sad and depressed life and waiting for some miracle to happen in their life and that would change their life overnight.Wait, that won't happen automatically and that night won't come in your life time. If you want to change your life, the best day to do is today and the best person to do that is YOU. No one else in the world can do this miracle for you, it is you who would have to change your life.

To start with, we will have change our beliefs. Whatever we think, the same happens with us.

Let me share with you a small example of self belief.

The body of bumblebee is heavy and according to scientists it cannot fly but bumblebee doesn't know about it and so he fly.

Also this small story of a boy and his dog will make you believe in yourself.

Once a small boy of around 8- 9 years old went with his dog to the lake side. The lake was frozen and dog went running on the ice and fell in the lake where the ice was broken. There was no around to help and the little boy was feeling helpless to save his dog. He started searching for some tool with which he can break the ice and bring his dog to the shore and save him but he couldn't find anything. He saw a tree there and broke a big hard branch and started breaking the ice. Luckily the dog was saved. In the meanwhile the police officer came and took hold of the situation. Other people also gathered at the lake side.The police officer was surprised to see how can a small boy can break a big hard branch of the tree! The old man standing there said - "I can answer how it was possible for a small boy to do that" and after a pause of few seconds he said -"It was possible for him as there was no other person there to tell him that he can't do it"

That's the power of self belief.

We are responsible for what we do, so don't let your happiness depend on other people's wish. You must have heard - God help those who help themselves. You have to take the first step and you will find a way paved ahead.

1) Believe in yourself - Believe you can do it, no matter what. You can achieve your goals, no matter how hard they are.Self confidence is the key.

2) Stay Happy - Don't let yourself down with failures. Failing is part of life. One that doesn't kills you, makes you stronger. Motivate yourself to do better.

3) Positive thinking - Don't let negative thoughts clutter your mind. Start your day with positive thoughts. Say to your self every morning - I can do it.

Say it now with me - YES, I CAN DO IT. YES, I CAN DO IT. YES, I CAN DO IT.

4) Be true to yourself and others - Never ever lie to others and also be true to yourself. You very well know when you do wrong.

5) Learn from your past, live in present and pave path for future - Don't keep your life in past, what has happened in past has already happened, do not keep sticking to that. Live the moment and enjoy every second of it. 

YOU have a BRIGHT future ahead.

Keep going, keep rolling!

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