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Meditation: Why it is important in your life?

To achieve the goals in life and be tension free, the best and the most effective way is to meditate.

Meditation is talking to your inner self. Every decision you take, you have two choices one which you may think is right and one is your inner voice. The inner voice is always right and that is what our soul is. So to get a right decision we should always hear our inner voice, it may be feeble at times but it is absolutely right.

Whenever we are doing anything wrong, we feel bad about it and we hear a voice from inside that tells us that what we are doing is wrong. That is our inner voice that tells us to stop doing it. And when we ignore the inner voice then it starts getting weak and eventually fades. And when the connection with our inner voice is lost, it is then our bad self that overpowers our good self. We start feeling sad and do not feel powerful to cope up with the tensions.

And it is then when we need to rejoin ourselves with our inner voice and meditation helps us do that.
If the connection with the inner voice is lost then we start loosing control on ourselves and we do not differentiate between the right and wrong. We start doing the activities that we thought were bad once. We are more controlled by our anger, tension, fear and ego.

Meditation helps in controlling ourselves and also help is self actualization which leads to a happy life. It helps in gaining confidence and also increases our concentration level. We start looking at the situations from a different perspective. We become more positive towards life. We find solutions rather than thinking of problems.

In the words of Swami Vivekananda:

"You won't believe in God, till you start believing in yourself"

So before connecting with God, you need to connect with your inner self and meditation helps you in doing that. When you start to connect with your self, you will automatically find yourself closer to God.
Daily meditation bring the changes in your life which can't be described in words. We start finding answers to the questions which we unsolved till now. We start feeling more power and more positive energy around us.

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