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How strong determination can do wonders

“If you have discipline, drive and determination – Nothing is Impossible” – Dana Lin Bailey

“Strong Determination determines your destination”

You can do whatever you think you can do. Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. If you are too determined to achieve your goal, it is very difficult for you to get defeated. Strong determination can do wonders, it helps you keep focussed on your goal and achieve it no matter what. Determination is power. If you are struck somewhere, keep pushing, it’s the only way you can get through it.

Let me share with you a story of strong determination and belief.

In a village there was saint and he was very well respected among the villagers. It was strongly believed that whenever he dances, the village use to get rain. It was weird. A young guy from the village who went to the city to complete his engineering came back to the village after many years and heard the story of the saint. Being analytical and logical, he thought it could not be possible by any means and the saint does not have any special powers. It can’t be true scientifically that if someone dances, the nature pours.
So this young guy decided to challenge the saint and prove him wrong. He chose a cloudy day and challenged the saint that if he (young guy) will dance then also it will rain and the saints do not do anything special. He started dancing and keeps looking up into the skies, wishing that it would rain automatically in sometime. He kept dancing for around 15 mins and nothing happened, he was getting tired and after 30 mins when nothing happened he fainted. It was now the turn of the saint. The saint started dancing.. 15mins…30mis..1 hour..2 hour… 3hour..he danced for continuous 5 hours and to everyone’s expectation it started raining. The guy was feeling ashamed of himself but still he did not understand how can this happen?

He went to the saint to apologise and asked him what magical powers he has. It is then when the saint told the young guy that he do not have any magical or special powers. He just have two thing in his mind – 1) Villagers strongly believe that whenever he will dance, it will surely rain, that makes him believe in himself and 2) Strong determination that even if does not rain he will keep dancing till it rains.
Strong determination and self belief can do thing s which you do not imagine of.

So, before starting anything, believe that you can do it. Nothing is impossible in this world. With strong determination you can do wonders.

Here are few one liners that will help you motivate.

I will either find a way or make one – that should be the attitude.

I will fall seven times, stand up eight.

Make it happen and shock everyone who thought you can’t do it.

All it takes, is the determination that I will not quit.


Keep going, keep rolling!

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