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The black dot problem? Where is your focus in life?

We face many problems in our life, many issues in our day to day basis and we think that our life is struck. At times we feel that we are not moving forward in life and the problem in our life has become the bottleneck. Well, wait and think.. is it really the problem that is stopping you to move forward or our perspective to that problem.

Let me explain you with an real life example.

A professor entered a class and thought of taking a surprise test of his students. This surprise test bought an unrest among the students.

He gave a test paper to all the students in which there were many questions. After distributing the test paper to all the students the professor asked student to turn to the back of the test paper and answer the questions written there. To everyone's surprise there was not a single question on the back side of the test paper. There was only a single black dot on the full white paper.

The professor then asked his students to write an
essay on whatever they see on this paper. Students got puzzled as there was nothing on that white paper except a black dot.

After a while when everyone finished writing, the professor started reading the answers in the class.
Everyone wrote on that black dot, Someone wrote about the position of the dot on the paper,and someone on the direction of the dot and someone on the size of the dot.

After reading all the answers, the professor turned to his students and said - "Today, I won't be grading you for this test, but would like to tell you a lesson. Not even a single student wrote about the white space on the paper, everyone wrote about the black dot. Everyone was concerned about the black dot which was nothing in size to the white space on the paper.

Same is with our life, we have so much white space around us but we look at a single black dot (symbolizing problem) in life. We are more concerned about the petty issues in our life and neglect the better things around us."

We have got a life to enjoy and stay blessed with so many good things around, and we keep lingering around a small problem in life. The black dot in our life is too small to spoil our life's precious moments. So if you can't remove the black dot at least remove your concentration from the black dot.

Keep moving forward, keep rolling!

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