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Do you choose your words wisely?

In the present world, we are living a tense life and we get angry at petty incidents and in anger we end up speaking words that we regret later. We are unable to keep control on ourselves and end in disaster.

Keeping control on one own self is a difficult task, when you are in anger but that what we need to practice and this is what makes apart a successful person. Be very careful with the words you speak in anger. Once they are said,they can only be forgiven not forgotten. Be careful of whatever comes out of your mouth, it may be to hurting for someone and even may leave a very lasting impression in someone's life.

Bad mood leads to bad words, so be careful. Do not end up mixing your bad mood with bad words. Your bad mood will change eventually and you will be again happy and cheerful but bad words once spoken won't change to good words. They say there is a reason why brain is kept above the mouth. Think before you speak anything.

The tongue do not have any bones but still it is powerful enough to hurt someone badly. Before you assume and say something, try to put some efforts and know the facts behind, you might end up changing your perspective Open your mind before opening your mouth.

Words can not only hurt someone but also heal someone. Words have great power. It may land you in a trouble land or take you out of troublesome situations. It all how much you use words wisely. Bad words are worse than stick and stones.

Before you speak - THINK

T - Is it TRUE? Do not assume the facts and give your opinion. If you know all the perspectives only then give your opinion. You opinion with limited facts might ruin someone's life.

H - Is it HELPFUL? Think whatever you are speaking is helping someone or not. Do not waste your energy in speaking ill of others.

I - Is it INSPIRING? Think whatever you are speaking is adding value to your conversation and is it inspiring others? Motivate other people with your words.

N - Is it NECESSARY? Think whatever you are speaking, is it necessary? Are you speaking useless stuff and really it is important for the conversation. You will loose respect among your peers if you keep speaking useless stuff.

K - Is it KIND? Do not use bad words. Be soft spoken.

Next time, when you are in anger, keep yourself away from speaking anything. Use your powerful sword of words to make someone and not break someone.

Keep Smiling, Keep Rolling!

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