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5 ways to develop a positive attitude and stop complaining

Everyone wants to be happy and successful in life. But most people are not! Many people act like victims and feel that everything is against them and they are struck somewhere.
Whatever may be the reason; people who act like victims are often depressed, feel negative and sorry for their fate. They can even be aggressive to others and with themselves as well. Unfortunately, this is a terrible vicious circle. They tend to blame others and feel pity about themselves.
What you need? You need to develop a positive attitude – a positive outlook towards the things around you. It is that moment where you start your way towards a happier life. I would also say, that if you have a positive attitude then it’s almost impossible to return a vicious circle.

Everyone has goals and aspirations in life. To be able to achieve the goals, you must have the right tools. Although some tools require special skills in certain areas, but most powerful ways are often the simplest ones.

A positive mental attitude is one of these powerful tools, and can be used to achieve your dreams and greatest desires in life. There are five aspects to be taken into account to obtain a positive outlook in life. Here is a short summary of these five characteristics, and some easy to apply tips for you to be on top in each of these areas and help you change your attitude easily.

1. Health
2. Perspective
3. Gratitude
4. Social Environment
5. Mood

1. Health - you are what you eat

I cannot stress enough the importance of living a healthy life. Seriously, if you still feel tired, hungry, weak, there is a good chance that you are not very positive! Healthy living involves a good diet and physical exercise: you need both to feel good.

By drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks (Red Bul ...) and eating too many sugary foods, your energy and your mood will suffer larger variations. Try replacing sweets with fresh fruit. Eating healthy products without dyes, preservatives and other added products will help you maintain a steady level of energy, avoiding these energy falls. Also, if you're feeling a little tired and depressed, do exercise! This seems against-intuitive, but going for a walk or running for 30 short minutes can really get your body moving and aerate your mind.

As I said, a healthy lifestyle is very important to develop a positive mindset, but it is also one of the hardest to follow, it requires a lot of discipline.

2. POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE (see the bright side)

Something it is vital to cultivate a positive mind to see the good side of life. People generally tend to increase the negative situations and diminish the positives in life. This happens when we put ourselves always in the front position or make ourselves centre stage to get attention when in reality we should put ourselves in the shoes of other people.

What we're trying to do here is to balance the scales. You will be surprised that how often things that we considered as impossible at one time were doable at the end. Our positive attitude towards the situations and things help us eliminate the negatives and give us self- confidence to conquer it.
The next time you are facing a problem, big or small, take a step back from the situation. List the positive and negative points. Try to list three things you could do to turn the negatives into positives.

For example, imagine asking a promotion at work, but your manager refused to give you a promotion. Of course, the downside is that you have not got your promotion. But what are the positives? Check with your manager and ask why this offer was refused. Try to understand his point of view. May be you lack certain skills or you lacked to match on his expectation list. Alteast, now you have a clear road where you should work on, in the next year to get the promotion. This information is very important - you got an objective answer on the future of your career. Now, you can work on changing the negatives into positives.

See the bright side, you can gain experience with each event / situation and use it enthusiastically to move forward instead of constantly thinking about it, complain and regret.

3. GRATITUDE (for you and for others)

Being grateful for what you are, for your life and to others, is also a key to staying positive. This can really help you stay focused on the positives in your social interactions and in your life.

Be grateful that means you know what you enjoy. The past is the past, and there is nothing we can do to change it. Remembering the negative experiences and mistakes of the past is useless – it will do nothing but depress you. Focus on what you have today. Look at where you are in life. Instead of focusing on the opportunities missed in the past, look at what have achieved, all your successes, people who support you, the sources of happiness in your life right now. This includes almost everything: your job, your friends, your family, your goals ... everything.

Another important point is to show that you value others. If there is someone in your life who has a positive influence in your life, either a mentor or someone who supported you in difficult times, or simply one of your best friends: tell him that you value him! You could invite that person to dinner, see a movie, and offer her a small gift. You could just write a card or a letter and let him know that you appreciate what he is or what he did for you. All these options form a very strong gesture, and make you and your friend happy. It is very effective to develop a positive attitude.

4. SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT (Positive creates positive)

One of the most important points is your social environment. It is common to say "you are what you eat", and it's true: if you eat healthy, you will be healthy, you eat fat, you probably end up overweight.

Something else is very important, the people with whom you spend your time plays a very big effect on your mood and attitude. That's right, negative people tend to hang out with other negative people. They will clutter negative thoughts and create a negative atmosphere. They will tend to lower your self-confidence.

If someone gives you that kind of feeling, then you should consider spending less time with him. Even if you want him to grow or think positive, he won’t as it always one will to change first only then other people can help them.
The important thing to remember is: spend time with positive people, you will become more positive. This will influence your character and attitude.


Moods tend to be uncontrollable, and are vulnerable to the famous vicious circles. One reason why some people adopt a negative attitude, it's because they are already in a negative mindset, and this mind-set starts destroying them. Frequent mood swings tends to make you intolerant and easily lose temper.

Doing yoga and breathing exercises help you overcome these frequent mood swings. You start controlling your mind and heart gradually and that also develops a positive energy within you.
Try looking at the bright side of things. Do good things to feel good. Your attitude towards life defines your life.

Be Happy! Stay Positive! Keep Smiling!

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