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Comfort zone: How to get out and what are your limits?

What is it that your comfort zone? Why should you know this important concept and ... more importantly: how to learn to get out of your comfort zone?
Before getting into the thick of it and put it on the test bench, I would first like to invite you to a little imaginative work. Ready?

You are now comfortable at your home, with all the facilities. You can imagine that there is a giant bubble of 1 km in diameter that covers your world. And imagine your home is the centre of that bubble and this bubble limits your movements in this small area. You know every inch of it, you feel quite comfortable in this bubble, everything is known to you and everything outside this bubble is a foreign land for you.

Sometimes you try to look that what is behind the limits of this bubble, but the wall of the bubble being opaque, it is difficult for you to see beyond bubble walls. However, there is a personal conviction that the unknown world outside the bubble is not so safe, it looks dangerous to you.
Now imagine that, overnight, the size of the bubble starts to increase up to twice its original size. Twice more space, twice more freedoms than before. But also ... twice the dangers ... apparently ...
With great excitement and a certain apprehension, you decide to discover the new world that awaits you. Once you are there, you will quickly find that the danger is far less than what you have imagined. Moreover, it is virtually nonexistent. However, looking at the scope of the new domain, you find it difficult to restrain yourself to enjoy the prospect of new opportunities and discoveries which are now available to you.

However, although larger, our bubble still exists. Gradually you will discover every inch of the new domain, you will find your new limits, you will gradually start feeling comfortable in the walls of a bigger bubble. And you will once again find yourself in the same position, behind the opaque walls there is still an unknown world for you.

A question to be asked now: how do you define what is hidden beyond the wall?

A new unknown and dangerous land, an even larger playing area, a paradise to be discovered?

What is the comfort zone?

You'll understand that the bubble which I spoke earlier is our comfort zone. A universe with which we are familiar but beyond the bubble everything is unknown.
To give you some concrete examples for “out of comfort zone”  would be:

- Move into a city or a country that is totally foreign to us
- Address a (an) unknown in the street while it is not our practice
- Learning to drive for the first time
- Discover a totally different professional universe
- Being alone in a night filled with unknown
- Make a first public presentation in front of hundreds of people

You will notice that in all the selected examples, we find similarities: the unknown novelty, discovery, and the "first time".
When our limits start emerging it starts defining our comfort zone.
Coming out of comfort zone is pushing our limits.

But what is the point that risks our safety and exposes us to danger?
Between bubble and freedom

Returning to our little bubble, throughout the story you knew very well that there is a hidden universe behind domain boundaries. You were clearly aware of the danger that was there. But you are always scared about it.
The unknown is scary because it is unknown to us!
The glass bubble represents your comfort zone, and the size of bubble is defined by your fears. Behind the bubble is unknown.

To free ourselves of this bubble we need to expand our spirit. The possibilities are bigger and more diverse. Imagine is your bubble of 1 km diameter is now of hundred kilometer.. or even bigger a thousand kilometer. Can you imagine the possibilities and options now?
Come on, let's be crazy now and imagine that this bubble encompasses our entire planet. What are the opportunities now!!
Our freedoms are thus linked to the size of our comfort zone. The bigger our comfort zone the bigger are the possibilities.
Now, how to expand our comfort zone?

Dreams and limits.

To enlarge our bubble, our comfort zone, it simply to push our limits. Simple right?
We've seen everything that extends beyond the bubble seems to be dangerous, that's really the case or is it not. The unknown scares us, it leaves us as an explorer venturing into a thick jungle with dangerous animals.

However the reality is that our natural reflex makes our fears much exaggerated than they actually are. Just remember that when the first time the bubble grew, the new land which was unknown to you before is now known to you, the space which looked dangerous before is now no more dangerous. The land which was unknown is now your new comfort zone.
Take a moment to explore your past experiences and look for moments in your life when you pushed your comfort zone (your first job, your first driving lessons, your first time away from your family, your first kiss ...).

You always have been pushing your comfort zone may be small bubbles inside a bigger bubble. Pushing our limits is the essence of life. To keep life moving we need to push our limits. First day to school, a child pushes his comfort zone of his mother’s lap and a new world waits for him. First day at office after your college, you pushed your limits. Was it that dangerous?
Moreover, what about now?  What seemed insurmountable, or at least was a great test at one time has become part of our lives. Through our experience, we have expanded our comfort zone.
So seriously think about your dreams, your desires and fears ... that prevent you from achieving them. You are there! You found the boundaries of your comfort zone, your dreams are just behind your fears.

We now know, outside our bubble, things are much less formidable than it seems. It now up to us to push the limits of it, a little courage and boldness to face our fears, it's just what we need.
Just a little courage will finally open the world to new opportunities that were previously unimaginable.

Remember – Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. There are lot of adventures out there. Fight your fear and do it anyway. There is a new comfort zone outside your comfort zone. If you want something in your life that you never had, then you need to do something that you have never done before. Push yourself because no one is going to do it for you. Our comfort zone obstructs our growth and learning opportunities.

Tell me in the comments below.. What's your fear that restricts you in your comfort zone?

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