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6 reasons why you do not achieve your goals

You set your goals but somehow you are unable to achieve them?

In this article I will introduce you 6 reasons why you do not achieve your goals. Most likely at least one reason will apply to you.

1. You give up too quickly

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.

Premature leaving is the most common reason why people do not achieve their goals.

The people I most admire are the ones who have very much patience..They have the endurance for the unfortunate relationship, that stupid job, financial problems, the futility of their own life, etc.

These people - maybe even you - have an enormous perseverance to persist such states.

But when it comes to your own goals, many people tend to quit prematurely.

You can be demotivated by setbacks and failures. Failure is a part of the process to achieve your goals, especially while dealing with problems we face many difficulties and tend to quit in between.

There will always be stumbling blocks on the way of your destination that you need balance upon.

But this is precisely the difference between successful and unsuccessful people.

Successful people make the mistakes but they cope up with setbacks.

They do fall just like us – even sometimes very hard – but they get up again!

That's what you need to do if you have not reached your goals. Cope up with setbacks, make mistakes and learn from them. Never give up! No way!

I really read a lot of success stories and get inspired by them. Just about all of these people have one thing in common.

They have the necessary endurance and the will to achieve their goal. Whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

This is because these people are convinced to achieve this goal.

As the saying goes: They do their thing!

To achieve ones objectives, one should be able to keep the course and not go astray. The road to success is never straight.

There will be many curves ... sometimes you may even find yourself running in circles.

Mountains will appear in front of you and will block the view of your target. The path will be blocked by many obstacles ... But the strong will, the conviction and the necessary perseverance will bring you to your destination eventually anyway.

Premature abandonment is the most common (and, unfortunately, the most fatal reason), why people do not achieve their goals.

2. You have set the wrong target

Here is a guide to setting goals properly.

Lack of motivation, not having the will to achieve your goal is possible signs that you are heading the wrong target. Is it really your goal? Or it might be one of someone else? Your partner, your parents or  your boss?

You must represent your goals downright!
The fire in you must burn to achieve the goals, If there is no fire within your to achieve the goal then you have set wrong targets for you.

Some parents want their son to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer.
These goals are not difficult to achieve, but since this is not his goal, but his parent’s goal, one finds it very difficult to achieve this.  Even if somehow one manages to achieve these goals, it will not satisfy him.
A goal always has to match your own values.

You have to imagine your values ​​as a compass that sets your directions in life.

But if your compass pointing north, but you sail westwards, then you will never arrive at the right destination...

... So you should be able to identify your own objectives. Ask yourself the following questions:

Will this target make me happier?
Will it fit my values?
Is it really what I want?
Can I really think of it myself?

Your goals are within yourself, you will have to find this on the basis of your values!

3. You do not Act

You know what are your goals?

You also know how to achieve it?


But if you do not act, you will never achieve your goal.

Most people are afraid, afraid to fail, so let it be.

I am not good enough.
I cannot do it.
I do not deserve it.
If you believe that you cannot achieve your objective and does not deserve success, then you will never reach your destination and will not succeed in life.

You must be 100% convinced that you want to be successful.

Believe in yourself, your abilities and talents.

Do not move it to tomorrow, do something every day to meet your goals.

4. You have no strategy

If you set yourself a goal, one must also know how you want to achieve it.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.

How will I get there?
When should this task be done?
What do I need to complete it?

You should have a plan A and an alternate plan B or C in some cases. If one plan doesn’t work, do not change your goal but switch to an alternate plan. If you do not plan at first then you man panic if one of the ways won’t work and it is a high chance that you may quit because of that.

Through a plan you will always have the structure in mind and know what comes next ... what are the next steps... when they will be introduced.

5. You have unrealistic goals

To set big goals is good, but they still need to be "visible" anyway. Your goals should be SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely.

You cannot expect a baby in one month even if you put 9 men at work. Do not make goals that very unlikely to achieve.

Your goal should be not be so hard and big that you lose motivation when it seems too big and therefore unattainable.

It is quite unrealistic, if I currently earn just 300$, but wants to be a multi-millionaire in 6 months.

But if  I give myself 10 years, then that is a lot more realistic.

6. Looking  for excuses

"I've tried everything, but it does not work!"

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, was asked how it feels to have failed  thousand times. He replied:

I failed not thousand. I have thousand successful ways how not to light a bulb.

How many times does Edison failed, that does not matter now. It’s a success story being a long failure story.

Fact is, he tried over and over again.

Try, try ... There is a solution for every problem, you must do whatever it takes you to get the appropriate results.

You cannot have tried everything, it is guaranteed that there is always something you have not tried yet.

Get help from successful people, to achieve your goals!

What things are preventing you from achieving your goals? Leave me a comment below.

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