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You need to overcome your self doubt: Here is HOW.

In a society that always offers us more opportunities, it's nice to have plenty of choices.
Well no! A new plague made its appearance that compromises our actions and that’s doubt.
Every moment in our lives, we make choices. The most futile thinking in choosing one’s destiny, we are constantly called upon to make decisions.
Choosing a professional career, choosing where to live, relationships, what to eat, where to go, what to short in every moment of our lives we are making some choices.
And each time there is doubt, ready to take advantage of any loophole to prevent us from acting.
Uncertainty is not an evil in itself.
If we act without doubt, we would be negligent of failure. The real problem is when doubt prevents us from acting.

Do you know this famous paradox?
The paradox of Buridan's ass

There is a hungry ass and he finds a bucket of water and a bucket of oats equidistant from himself. Paralyzed, he wonders if he should start with his thirst or satisfy his hunger. His dilemma ends when he died of hunger, thirst ..and indecision.

This is the perfect illustration of the consequences of our inability to decide.

Let me give you examples of situations experienced when we question ourselves:
Let’s say that you are going to meet a person that you like
The internal dialogue that would occur is:

"I want to go talk to him/her. But this is perhaps not the right time? "
"And what will I tell him/her? "
"I will go and see what happens ... ah, but what if it goes wrong? ... "
"Well anyway it's too late ..May be next time." And next time .. the same story.
When you think to change job
"I want to change but I do not know. "
"I'm afraid of the unknown, of losing my ‘comfort zone‘ "
"Finally I want to change but without taking risks… "

At this level all the disadvantages of a future job potentially will be amplified.
From here, you either give up or you stay backwards to finally let fate decide your future. You sabotage your chances of success.
And as always, you will eventually streamline consequences.

A problem of Ego

When we are born, we do not have this problem of ego that always makes us doubt everything.
This is bad behavior, just like so many other bad behaviors we learn. 

Whether you plan to succeed or not, you're right.
- Henry Ford

Not Displaying "self-confidence", you develop the false belief that you are not up to par.

For example, if you are attracted to a person and you do not dare to talk to him/her, it is primarily a problem of your ego. You do not feel as you are able to handle the situation. And you are not able to effectively manage it.

What’s the remedy for doubt?
There is no unique solution this. I offer one that is the most proven one.

Prepare for the worst and do the best.

To some extent, I believe in the Law of Attraction. We attract what we are focusing.
As I address to all who practice religiously pessimism.
The false pretext is: "If I expect the worst, I'll never be disappointed is not necessary."
This is in my opinion the best way to lead a life without ambition or taste.
I have long practiced this doctrine and it works. It is precisely a sad abandonment to a dull vision of the world where despair meets. Every day is realized as the "self-fulfilling prophecy" we choose.
Should we then still expect the best with the risk of being disappointed? To choose, I would say categorically YES.
But there's no real disappointment.
This is the subjective interpretation of an event to which we relate as negative feeling.
If you get to interpret this disappointment or failure in a positive way, you are a winner every time.
There is no failure. There is a wonderful experience from the lessons we draw :)
This is much more than a positive attitude. This is an optimistic frame of mind and winning.
This is what develops self-confidence and eliminates the doubt.
Whatever happens, I know I will learn or manage to do better
Resume our previous examples
Going to meet a person that you like:
Going to talk to the person you like, no matter, what would be the result of the interaction you learn something from it but first be yourself.
Imagine the worst that can happen: He/She rejects you violently. Or the worst of the worst: She/He ignores you sarcastically (believe me ignorance is the worst contempt).

Yes I know it hurts our ego. So... ?

Is this something so strong to fundamentally change the person you are?
I'll spare you the different attitudes to adopt in this situation. This will be the subject of a special article.

The fact is, as you pass the shock of the moment, you will forgive. No person has died or rejections.. it just happens in the romantic  fictional tragedies :)
Give yourself the desire to act;)
Think (not too much) and act positively (much).
What benefit will you draw? What a great accomplishment, self-transcendence will you achieve?

Change job:

What are the risks to (make the decision) to change job or better become your own boss?
Your new job or your new business might not work.
You and your family might find yourself without the means to support yourself.
Seriously, we are fortunate to benefit from beneficial aid in such cases. Sure, you could lose  (temporarily) your comfort zone.
But once you survive this experience, you would learn to do more with less.
Now think rather that you might succeed.
You'll understand when you make a decision, go there without flinching.
Prepare to be able to face the nightmare scenario but still perform the best.
Remember that in 99.9% of cases, it is better to make a bad decision than to not make a decision.

Remember doubt have killed more dreams than any failure. Everything you ever wanted in your life is just one step outside your comfort zone. Self - doubt kills your creativity. At the end of life you will regret more about the things you haven't tried because of your doubt than the things you tried but failed. Your doubt about a task makes it impossible. Everyone has doubts but do not let your doubts influence your plans. Make your statements from 'I wish' to 'I Will'.  

What are the dilemmas that you face and for which you doubt? Leave me a comment that earned form of engagement (first vis-à-vis yourself) on the resolution that you will take.

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