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32 checks to improve our lives greatly

In everyday life, we sometimes do a lot of things without paying attention, automatically. However, taking a step back, we realize that we often did things not very intelligent, sometimes even downright stupid.

Here is a list of 32 things we do very often, more or less voluntarily, and which may allow us to greatly improve our lives if we stop making them.

1)      Consider a personal opinion as a fact.
Your opinion is not a universal fact, and you want to impose it on other people can annoy or even make things worse.

2)      Things will improve suddenly or a miracle will happen.
Whether it's a dead end job, a toxic relationship, or a social circle that bothers you, things hardly ever change overnight. So do not waste time waiting, and stop immediately.

3)      Worry and stress about traffic jams that can put you late for work, getting caught in the rain without an umbrella or jacket, or forgetting to get back to someone you have made a promise. These are things that happen, that's life, do not make a cheese. Do not overthink about it. Try not to break promises but even you do, that’s fine. Do not make a mess out of it. Life is not meant to be perfect.

4)      Giving yourself more importance than everyone else.
You're not. You are just as important as any other.

5)      Blaming others when things go wrong.
If it’s your fault, admit it. Blaming other people or situations for your fault won’t help you. Try to accept your fault and rectify it.

6)      Impose your religious beliefs on others.
Congratulations, you are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, Jedi ... Whatever, do you want a medal for that? Respect every other religion and their beliefs.

7)      Be afraid to spend your money.
You worked hard to earn the money, then do something good with it. Do not waste it on unnecessary things.

8)      Wait to become a billionaire overnight.
You can never have enough money. The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can live your life fully.

9)      Playing the lottery, the trifecta, the scratch games ...

10)   Believing that something is true because it comes from an authority or an important person. Search the facts for yourself, make your own judgment. Follow your instincts.

11)   Ignoring your instincts.
It is your instincts which keep you alive.

12)   Ignoring the advice of others.
Even if sometimes they seem wrong at first place, they probably come from a personal experience, which makes them relevant. Do not ignore any advice from your well being completely.

13)   Refuse to see a movie, read a book or buy a product because it is very popular.

14)   Look too far into the future.
Having a long-term goal is a good thing, but tell yourself that things often end up being very different from what one could imagine. It’s a dynamic world out there. Things keep on changing.

15)   Trying to erase the past.
Do not try to put lot of efforts to erase your past. What happened happened, accept it.

16)   Not living in the moment.
Many things constantly pass under your eyes, give your attention to what’s happening in the moment.

17)   Focusing too much to make a good impression.
People will see the man or woman you are, there is not much to do with that. If you try to cheat, you will be quickly spotted. While if you act with integrity, be authentic, treat people with respect  then you do not need to put much effort to make a good impression in other people lives.

18)   Teach morality on a subject that we do not know much.
People are remarkably good at detecting pretenders.

19)   Neglecting your body.
This is the one and only you have, do not forget to take care of it.

20)   Treat people with contempt. See number 5.

21)   Assume that people are happy because they are smiling.
Some people hide their depressions under their smile so don’t judge them.

22)   You continually blame yourself.

23)   Suffer in silence.
 It's not always your fault. Whatever it is, there are people that matter. Open up to someone, even if it is only one person. It could change your life.

24)   Being afraid of success.
Fear is an essential part of our lives, and if you expect it to disappear one day, you will always be disappointed. Some of the greatest showmen are nervous before a performance. Some of the greatest athletes have taken a test or doubts before facing their opponents. Many entrepreneurs, innovators and CEOs are questioning their product the day before the big launch. Be scared, but never be paralyzed.

25)   Do the same thing and expect a different result.
Same actions lead to same results. If you want different results try something different.

26)   Aim for perfection every time without error.
The person who never made a mistake has never done anything. If you always try to be perfect and do all to never make mistakes, you will never do anything.

27)   Living your life through others.
Good writers take you in great adventures, but learn to tell the difference between inspiration and imagination. The brain tends to easily be mistaken and make you believe that you really experienced things. Live your life, not the people you see on TV, in newspapers or in books.

28)   Being jealous.
That never helped. On the contrary, it ruins lives.

29)   Feel forced to follow the crowd or do as the others do.
If you really do not want to do something, then you have every right to refuse. Just following the crowd won’t help you. You won’t even develop interest in doing things just because other people are doing it. Stand out of the crowd.

30)   Use silence as the preferred communication solution.
If someone sends you an SMS, then answer. If you cannot go to an appointment, or hold a deadline, let them know. Clear communication is very important.

31)   Choose the easy solution.
Never choose an easy way or a shortcut. All that is worth to be done is worth the effort. There is not shortcut to success.

32)   Drop something you really want because it is difficult.
All you've done in the past has been difficult at some point. When you were a child, you learned to read, write and remember 26 random characters in order. You are able to master one of the most difficult languages ​​ever created. Pull yourself together.

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