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Realize your potential

Do you know what a human is capable of? Do you think you work to your full potential? But before answering these question.. Let's ask ourselves.. Do we even know what are we capable of?

Never settle for less believing, that you can't achieve it. It is your road, and no body in the world can walk there for you. It's you who have to walk and complete the journey. If you face a difficult situation in life, it is there not to destroy you to for you to realize your potential. It is essential in life that sometime you should forget how you feel and just focus on what you deserve and what you are capable of.

Do not value your worth on other people value you. It's important for you to know what you are capable of. You may not be there today but that doesn't mean you are not capable of being there one day. Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle in life.

Let me explain you with a story of an elephant.

Do you know that when a baby elephant is born, his master ties him with a small, weak chain. Because the baby elephant is small and weak, so he couldn't break the chain and let himself free. As the time passes, the baby elephant grows in a strong and massive figure, but he is still tied with the same chain, which the elephant can break anytime but he never breaks the chain and keeps himself tied to that small weak chain. Why and how this happens?

This happens because when the elephant was a baby, he tries to break the chain and free himself but as he was weak and small, he couldn't break the chain and he starts believing that the chain is strong enough and he could not break it. He tries for few days and then stops trying. He then grow to an adult but his belief is so strong that he couldn't break the chain that he never tries again.
Same happens with us in our daily life. Just life the elephant, who is one the most powerful animals of the world but still keeps himself tied to a small weak chain, we keep ourselves back and even do not try because we failed in the past. We start believing that this is not our potential and we keep ourselves aloof for all the successes that we can think of.

So break the chains of wrong beliefs and ignite your confidence again.

Break the chains, Keep moving forward! 

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