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Motivate yourself: Problems faced and solutions

To keep yourself always motivated is a difficult task. The world around us is tense and is constantly thinking of the tensions of future. Everyone is facing doubts and depressions. Do most of the successful people have different abilities or are they blessed differently? NO.

There is no simple solution for the lack of motivation. Let's us see the reasons why we lose track of constant motivation:

1)  Lack of Confidence: If we do not believe in oneself then no power in the world can help us achieve success.

2) Lack of Focus: Our energy is diverted to so many things that we fall short of focus on the thing, where our full focus should be. If you do not know what you want to do, then you won't be able to achieve anything.

3) Lack of Directions:  You know what you want to do but you do not know what to do to achieve your goal. We need a mentor in life to show us directions.

What we should do?

The first point is lack of confidence. Whenever we feel the lack in confidence, then think of your goals and what you want to achieve and try to direct all your focus on that. Neglect whatever you already have and channelize your energy on what you do not have and you want to achieve. When you focus all your energy on the thing you want to achieve, then your mind starts generating new ideas and motivates you to pass all hurdles. You past failures can demotivate you and create a negative energy around you, so beware and cut all your past negative thoughts that are stopping you to achieve your goal.

Your negative thoughts from past make you jealous of your competitors and makes you believe that you can't achieve it. It creates a bad impression in your mind and you start finding reasons for you to not achieve your goals and you eventually lose your confidence. To get rid of this, try to focus on your gratitude and generate positive thoughts. Think of what you have achieved in past, even it is a small thing, it will help you re-generate your confidence. Study about people who have achieved in spite of many obstacles. If you start believing that you will succeed, then your mind will start finding ways for you.

Developing tangible focus.

The second point is lack of focus. Most people focus on the things that they do not want in life or focus on their fears, instead of what they want to achieve. We focus on negative thoughts like:

  - What if I will be poor for the rest of my life?
  - What if I lose my respect in society?
  - What if I remain alone?

If you let your fears overcome you then you will lose your focus. If you fear of you getting poor then prepare yourself to earn money, focus on the ways you can earn more rather than staying back and giving up in fear of losing money. Give you mind some work to do and it will find a way for you to achieve it. Do not feed your mind with negative thoughts. Do not fear of future but focus on your present.

Developing directions.

The third point is lack of direction.If you think of developing focus as setting your goal then you can think of developing direction as the strategy to achieve your goal. Lack of direction reduces our motivation level. Fighting a war without strategy is as good as fighting a war without weapons. You are going to lose definitely. We can understand this with an example. A person wants open a restaurant but instead of devising strategy on how to operate a restaurant, he only reads about the stories of other people who have opened a restaurant. 

After deciding on your goals it very important for us to decide on the activities and also execute them to actually achieve your goal. Merely, thinking won't help you to achieve your goal.  

Keep rolling!

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