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Fight your difficult time and win

Whether you want or not, in a life you will face many situations, the ups and downs. Most of the people are happy with money, comfortable life, profits and get sad and depressed as soon as they face a difficult situation in life.

This sadness and depression in situations is due to one sided perception for life. Difficult times is mere a phase in life. Nothing is permanent, neither happiness and nor your difficult times. It will pass by. It's like a circle of life, just like one season go and another comes, so are these phases in life.

In difficult times when some people cry and get depressed, at the same time other people  use the situation to make themselves strong. They accept the situation and use it for their benefit. A stable person accept the difficult time as a challenge and move forward in life.

Infact difficult times, bad situations are a boon in disguise that helps a person grow, these situations hold an important place in life. You gain strength and confidence by every experience in your life. As they say when life throw stones at you, it's upto you how you get hurt by those stones or use those stones to make a bridge and move forward.

Accept bad times with open heart and prepare yourself mentally to fight them. If you fight your situations, you will gain self confidence and you will gain strength to achieve new heights. Try to keep yourself sane and calm in bad times. Channelize and focus your energy in overcoming bad times else you may fall apart. Accept them as part and parcel of your life and keep hope that good times are ahead. Do not at any time run away from situations, running away won't help solve your problem and it won't make your situation any better. You have to stand firm and fight and win.

The value of gold increases only after it passes through intense heat. These bad times are just like the heat that adds value to your life. Remember difficult times are unavoidable , so better embrace them thinking the best is yet to come. Hard times are just like washing machines, it twists, turns, knock us to the walls but then afterwards we come out clean,fresh, bright and better.

Difficult time helps you better understand your life, you start feeling thankful to each and every small thing in life and embrace every blessings, you actually start valuing life more than ever. 

Always remember: " Tough times never last, Tough people do"

As Bob Marley once said - "You never know how strong you are , until being strong is your only choice". Believe in yourself and believe that you can fight any obstacle and win. Remember a kite rises against the wind and not with it.It not important how many times you are knocked down by life, what's important is that you stand up every single time. Life isn't about hiding for a storm to pass, it all about dancing in the rain and enjoying every bit of it. Crying once in a while is good, you see the world much clear after you cry.. isn't it? Some situations are not in your hand, you feel helpless at those times, remember you can stop the waves, you need to learn to surf and enjoy those waves.

At last let me conclude with - 'Good times give you good memories, bad times give you good lessons'

Rise every time you fall, rise just one more time than the number of time you fall.

Keep fighting, keep winning!

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