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17 Questions you should ask yourself

How do you evaluate yourself? Do you have measures to value yourself? These 17 questions can help you introspect your life and do your own self evaluation. Try to answer yourself honestly.

1) Do you use your time wisely?

You may further break this question by asking yourself - How much time do you waste in a single day? Or what is the percent of time that you waste on useless activities?

2) Are you lazy to let go your time?

Laziness is hard to overcome but it is necessary to count how much time you waste by being lazy and procrastinating your things. 

3) Do you waste your precious time on your outer appearances?

Some people are too much conscious about themselves and they spend most of their time to beautify themselves. External beauty should not weigh too much one's life. It's your internal beauty that counts. 

4) Do you give importance to your goals?

Before answering that question, fir ask yourself - Have you set a realistic and achievable goal in your life? If yes, then are you working adequately to achieve that goal?

5) Do you remember the two pillars of success - Strong determination and Hard work?

To achieve your goals you may fail many times but only people with strong determination and hard work will achieve their goals. Do you have both to achieve your goals?

6) Are you responsible for family, society, religion, culture?

Ask yourself if you are a responsible citizen or not? Are do doing your duties towards your family, friends and society. 

7) Do you fight your own negativity?

Negative thoughts constantly bombard in our mind and we eventually lose self-confidence, if we do not fight them. Do you fill your mind with positive thoughts and throw away the negative ones? Positive thoughts are really important to succeed in life.

8) Do you prioritize your work?

It very important to plan your activities. Do you prioritize your work according to whats important and urgent and what's not so important and not so urgent?

9) Do you keep yourself away from criticism and envious thoughts?

It's important to succeed but it is equally important to keep one self away from being envious and jealous for other people's success. It leads to negativity and loss of self confidence.

10) Do you keep yourself and your surrounding clean?

Though this may at first sound not so important but a clean self and clean surrounding brings in the positive energy. It feel happy and calm in clean environment.

11) Do you run away from hard work?

Remember there is no substitute for hard work. The only shortcut to hard work is hard work. Do not run away from it and do not procrastinate it. Remember it will only grow with each passing day.

12) Do you keep a check on what you eat?

Eating habits define a person. Do you keep a check on your intake? A healthy soul resides inside a healthy body. Having junk food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes leads to negative and unhappy life.

13) Do you speak unnecessarily?

Speaking too much is a bad habit. Check and have control on what you speak. Ask yourself, if your words add value to the conversation or not?   

14) Do you sleep adequately?

It's very important to have a nice sleep. A good sleep rejuvenates your body and mind.

15) Do you spare some time for yourself?

It is important to work hard for your goal and spend time with your family and friends but it is equally important to spend some quality time with yourself. Try to keep your mobile and other gadgets away for a while and just be peace. 

16) Are you a spendthrift/

Ask yourself if you are spending your money wisely? Are you buying things that you really want anc care for? If you are spending on things you do not want then very soon you will have to sell your things which you want in life.

17) Do you exercise daily?

Personal health is too important for a successful life? Spare some time daily for your workout. Go out in fresh air, do some walking or jogging. Cycle once in a while. Play some outdoor sports. Sweat yourself. Be a child again. It will help you get rid of negative thoughts and fill your life with positive energy.

Introspect and grow. Keep rolling!

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